Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Ask Questions

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  • What Is Access Control?
    Access Control is a way of controlling and regulating who has access to a building, when they have access and where they have access to. Our access control systems help create a safer environment for your building and discourages uninvited visitors. It will protect your building whilst controlling and recording the movement of staff and visitors across single or multiple sites.
  • What Type Of Access Control Can You Offer?
    We offer a wide range of solutions that include simple single door stand alone systems and multi-door, on-line, PC based systems including pin, fob or card readers, biometric readers and even smartphone technology. These can vary in technology making them as basic or advanced as you want. We have a solution to suit your business needs and one of our experienced team will help design a system to meet your specific requirements.
  • Where Can I Have Access Control?
    Our Access Control systems can be used wherever you need them. Doors and gates, garages, barriers, turnstiles and even lifts and it doesn’t have to be installed on just one door, access control can be used for all entry points.
  • Why Does Your Business Need Access Control?
    Your business needs access control if you have employees, suppliers or other visitors and you want to control the entrant’s access to a certain location, area or site or limit that access to certain times or days.

    With an access control system, authorised people may enter a building or specific area at defined times. Unauthorised people have restricted access. Most importantly, an access control system should not prevent the flow of authorised personnel but restrict unauthorised people from entering and assist to secure your premises

  • What Is A Biometric Reader?
    A biometric reader is one that can uniquely identify a person using biological traits, for example and hand or finger print or facial recognition. Biometric readers help to increase safety and security as the profile scan will need to match the electronic profile stored on the database.
  • What Happens If There Is A Power Cut?
    Your access control system will have a battery backup for all readers and locks so that if there is a power cut they can still be used for a period of time, depending on the size of the stand by battery installed.
  • What Happens If I Loose My Fob/Pass?
    Should you lose a fob or pass, your system administrator will be able to disable the access so that it can no longer be used with your access control system and issue you a new fob or pass.
  • Where Would I Find A Biometric System?
    Law Enforcement & Public Security Buildings

    Military Buildings

    Border, Travel & Migration Buildings

    Civil Identification

    Healthcare & Welfare Buildings

    Physical & Logical Access To Areas

    Commercial Businesses

  • Do I Need A Wired Or Wireless Intruder Alarm System?
    We can advice on the type of system required during our free survey. Wired or wireless is often dependant on the decor/finish of the property, time factors and also disruption of the business.
  • Can I View My CCTV From My Mobile Phone?
    Yes, all newly installed CCTV systems have the capability to be networked/viewed on any smart phone or tablet.
  • Can I Have An Intruder Alarm If I Have Pets?
    Of course, we are able to supply all necessary sensors with pet lenses to ensure your pets are free to roam when the alarm is fully set.
  • Can Your Systems Appear On Our Network?
    Yes, all systems have the capability to appear on the end users / business network. A dedicated network point may be required but we can discuss this on our free site survey.
  • How Much is a Fire Risk Assessment?
    The cost of an assessment varies depending on the type and size of the building, the complexity of the internal arrangements and processes being carried out in the building.  We can also provide a plan of the building to support the fire risk assessment, which will show all fire safety provisions and certain hazards.

    However, Fire-Tech Systems prides itself on providing cost-effective services to our clients and delivering good quality fire risk assessments in accordance with PAS79, the British Standard specification and methodology for undertaking the fire safety risk assessment.

  • Where Should Emergency Lights Be Installed?
    Each exit door intended to be used in an emergency
    Stairs so that each flight of stairs receives direct light
    Change in level
    Mandatory emergency exits and safety signs
    Change of direction
    Intersection of corridors
    Outside and near to each final exit
    First aid post
    Fire fighting equipment
    Fire alarm call points
  • What Fire Extinguishers Do I Need?
    This is dependant on many factors and we can run through all of these with you on our free site survey. Please visit our fire extinguisher page for information on the types of extinguishers and the classes of fire.

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